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Thanks for your willingness to help a family in need!

Grace Church accepts all used vehicles. If your vehicle is not drivable we would be willing to tow it. The first step is to fill out the donation form below. Once the form is submitted you will get a confirmation email along with next steps.

Please note that when donating a vehicle, Grace Church reserves the right to make the final determination on what will happen to the donated vehicle. We cannot accept a donation with specific instructions from the donor on what should be done with the vehicle.

For all donations, Grace issues an initial letter of acknowledgement stating when the vehicle was donated. We also indicate what Grace plans to do with the vehicle. This is important for those donors wishing to claim the donation on their income tax return.

After the vehicle is either fixed up and given away or sold, Grace will mail you a follow-up letter along with a 1098-C and Form 8283 with instructions to be used when filing your income tax return. If the vehicle is sold for less than $500 no 1098-C will be issued but we will let you know what amount the vehicle sold for and that is the amount you may claim on your income tax return.

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