Vehicle Donation

Don't Take for Granted Your Aging VehcileHelp a Family In Need of Transportation

Grace Church accepts all used vehicles. Even if your vehicle is not drivable, we would be willing to tow it at our expense.

Donate Your Vehicle

Put Your Old Vehicle to Good UseWhat Happens After Drop-off?

Here's what happens after you donate your vehicle to Grace Church:

1. We will inspect the vehicle to determine what repairs might be needed to be sure it's in excellent running condition. If we determine it needs more in repairs than would really make sense to invest we take it to the auction and get whatever we can get out of it. For tax deduction purposes, the donor will be notified of the price received at auction which will be the amount to be used on the donor’s income tax return. The money is put back in the account to be used to repair other vehicles.

2. If we determine it's a good candidate for repairs - we will make the necessary investment and then the vehicle will be given to someone in need of a vehicle. The vehicle will go to an individual or family that is participating in the Grace Care Center's Referral Services and is part of our Co-op program. For tax deduction purposes Grace Church will furnish the donor with the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the vehicle for the month in which it was donated based on Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds and NADA valuations. However, we recommend the donor consult with their own tax advisor as to what value to claim on their income tax return.